Hi, I am Carly.

Carly Shearman

Hi, I am Carly.

And welcome to my crib website. I am so happy to have you here. Before I show you around, let's get to know eachother. I'll start.

I wear many hats with two day jobs and my own business. By day, I am the Community Manager of Women in Digital and Technical Consultant for Digital Talent Co. Then by night, I am the Founder and Chief Book Officer of Tell Her (and mother to Floss – my slightly-obese, always-grumpy cat).

I love coffee & businesses (in that order)…

From a young age, I realised I freaking loved all things business. I geek out over admin, operations and figuring out what makes businesses flow as their own independent eco-systems. I am also deeply passionate about helping businessses (and people) reach their goals; whether that be through improving their operations, deploying a kicka** digital marketing & communications strategy or ensuring they have the BEST humans in their business.

It should be no surprise then, as the owner of two X chromosomes and a lover of business, that I am a stark advocate for gender equality in business. And what is the best way to achieving that? Through educating, empowering and connecting women! Which is why I was so so so VERY excited to tick off my bucket list item of working for a diversity organisation by joining the Women in Digital team in 2019.

Before my current roles, I completed my Bachelor in Media Communications majoring in Entrepreneurship while managing a cafe (which is where I developed my caffeine-addiction đŸ˜‰). Once I graduated, I joined a Brisbane-based marketing agency where I worked my way up from Admin Assistant to General Manager (and discovered my love of Asana boards).

In the rare moment’s I am not typing away on my laptop, you will find me hanging out with my aging cat, binge-ing on Scrubs (or Seinfeld, or Brooklyn 99), building my side-hustle, Tell Her, or having a cheeky beer on the river.

Here are 5 quick facts about me (hopefully you share 5 facts about you back at me!):

  1. Young Carly was too young to be employed so I had my mother sign a declaration for the government to allow me to start work before the set age limit.
  2. I have a Bachelor of Media Communications majoring in entrepreneurship.
  3. Mid-way through my degree I found that my passion was business management and human resource management.
  4. I bought my first property during my final semester of uni (and yes I had to skip the avo on toast – actually, that’s a lie, I had a food blog for a while there #Millennial)
  5. My business (and life) crush is the incredible Emma Isaacs!

Anyway, that’s enough from me.

I would love to hear from you! Please email me at carly@carlyshearman.com.