Why do I go to women’s business events?

Why do I go to women's business events? | The Chronicles of Carly

Why do I go to women’s business events?

Women’s business events; why do I go to them? I have been to general business and networking events and I have been to women’s business and networking events. For me, I love women. I love businesses. And I LOVE when you bring those two together.

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To be honest, I was struggling with any intro for this blog. I wrote the points down weeeeks ago after a jam packed couple of days including League of Extraordinary Women event on community marketing hosted by Free Folk Agency and followed by a Coding for Non-Coders night by Women In Digital.

And it was like Melinda Gates heard me. I flicked open a page in her book The Moment of Lift (which I will definitely be writing about in the near future) and there was a quote that so accurately summed up why I love women’s business events and why they are such an important part in bringing equality and inclusion to the business community.

“I believe women’s groups are essential for each of us individually, but also for society generally – because progress depends on inclusion and inclusion begins with women.”
Melinda Gates

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Okay, and with that, let’s get started…

Here are 4 key reasons I love attending women’s business events

Give myself a healthy dose of motivation

With both the blog and my day job, I can get in a rut and into a period where I lack motivation. I find that breaking out of my daily routine and go to an event like League of Extraordinary Women, Women In Digital or Business Chicks and see all these incredible women kicking goals gives me a healthy dose of motivation.

For example, I have been wanting to try out IGTV myself FOR AGES but what ultimately made me do it? Teagan and Grace from Free Folk Agency’s kick up the backside to actually do it at one of their talks. And now I have my very first IGTV video which you can watch for yourself by clicking here.

Side note: I know that there are heaps more women in business and women networking organisations but League of Extraordinary Women, Women In Digital or Business Chicks are my three go to choices)

Find and connect with ‘my people’

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boyfriend, my girlfriends and my family but…. We all have different passions and goals in life. One of my best girlfriends is religious and she has the incredible community at her church – they are her people. Another of my best friends is living her best life over in Canada with her honey and meeting all these incredible people along the way – they are her people. I looked at both of them and felt I was lacking something. Where were the people reading the same books as me? Loving the same podcasts? Working towards the same goals?

And then it hit me, I was missing ‘my people’. I am obviously very much about women in business and I want to foster connections and connect with people like me or that I aspire to be like, experiencing similar things as me, and that have similar goals as me. Enter, women’s business events.

I talk about this is much more detail on the IGTV video but you can’t just go once. You have to continually show up and eventually you will begin fostering some really powerful connections.

See what is going on outside my bubble

It is so easy to get wrapped up in your bubble; doing what you have always done or go down your own path. And while there are definitely good aspects to put your head down and not worry about what other people are doing, it is also really beneficial to look up sometimes and see what is going on out in the world. Has someone already experienced that pain point and have a solution that will help you? Is someone doing what you are doing but found any easier way? Have they tried a completely left field idea that has garnered some great results? You won’t know the answers unless you go and hear from other women in similar positions as you.

Learn new sh*t

Obviously this has a place on the list but it is secondary to the other stuff. For me, if I want to learn something new I will pick up a book, read a journal article from a reputable source, listen to a podcast, watch a video or turn to a great online learning platform. While I love leaving a women’s business events knowing a new piece of information, it is not my sole goal or focus. And if we can be honest with each other, I don’t think it should be yours either. There is so many great things you can achieve by attending events like League of Extraordinary Women, Women In Digital or Business Chicks, why limit yourself to just learning something new?

That is it from me, thank you so much for reading! And I would love it if you sent me a message on Instagram (@thechroniclesofcarly) and told me why you love attending women in business events.

And be sure to check out my first ever IGTV (I would really appreciate all the support I could get on this one #NervousNelly).

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Thank you so much,
Carly xx