Tips for Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Tips for Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Hire A Mover | The Chronicles of Carly

Tips for Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so so many of us in many different ways all around the world. Many people have had to uproot their living situations in order to move closer to family members in need of assistance, some have had to move due to change in or lack of work, or others might need to move to a more COVID-affordable accommodation. No matter the reason for your relocation, here is a list of tips to assist with moving homes during the pandemic.

Before we get stuck into the details, I do want to acknowledge that I am writing this article as a Brisbanite. My heart absolutely goes out to our Victorian friends and I completely acknowledge that your situation is vastly different and more difficult than the rest of us.

Tip #1 is not to stress! Moving during the pandemic IS possible!

Before you do anything (especially stress!) take a deep breath, as although it is not as straight forward as it would have been before COVID struck, it is possible. The next thing to do, and this is and should be the priority, is to familiarise your self with your states most current COVID-19 laws and restrictions that might affect the process. For example, the number of visitors allowed to assist in helping pack and move. Moving to a new house during COVID, you will want to avoid large numbers of visitors assisting in one location or house to abide by your state’s social distancing requirements.

Tip #2 is to not feel as though you must do it all yourself.

While the laws and restrictions referred to in the tip above are there to keep people safe from the virus, do not try and magically pack and move on your own as this will cause more emotional or physical harm than good. Although social distancing rules still apply when moving, in some states, workers do not count as visitors. So, using removalists might be able to help without adding to the visitor limit. At the moment, transport and logistics is still an essential service, so removalist companies are still readily available. Just make sure to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene practices. Such as, everyone helping is washing their hands regularly, including removalists, and surfaces are being wiped down to prevent the spread of germs.

Tip #3 is for those moving temporarily.

For those uprooting temporarily to be with family during difficult times or due to work being put on hold, leaving your belongings behind in storage can be a really smart idea. This can minimize the risk of spreading the virus as well as minimize the cost of transporting unnecessary amounts of belongings. Companies such as Hire A Mover are great to use for this as they have Mobile Storage units. The removalists come to your property with the mobile storage pod to collect your belongings, safely store it back at their facility, and will return it to you when you are ready. It is a secured facility that is monitored 24/7, centrally located and accessible 7 days a week. This service stores your belongings from a few days to years and is affordable. It makes moving and storing just that much easier and less stressful knowing you have professionals to help you out.

Tip #4 is for those moving interstate. It is not as scary as you might think.

Moving interstate is technically possible at the moment, although, it is a little tricky. Moving into most states you will be required to have a couple of things. To cross into most states, at the bare minimum, you will be required to have a border pass. To accompany this, you will most likely need to have proof of residence for your new home with approved exemptions. Some states may require you to quarantine once you’re all moved in, but no need to stress because this just allows more time to set up your new and humble abode!

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